Eng Tackles a Disney Classic
This Wednesday, May 18th, Cyclops Print Works will release Pinocchio by Kilian Eng.  

It must be said at the outset that Kilian did a fantastic job here. The detail and layout are both incredible; Pinocchio is just one toy among many, waiting to be brought to life.   However, Cyclops must be given credit for thinking of pairing Kilian with this property. While he has done immense work in the science fiction realm, Kilian is not an obvious choice to take on Pinocchio. But based on the finished product he absolutely was an inspired choice to take on the children's classic. 

Drop Details: 
This goes on sale this Wednesday, May 18th, at 3 PM EST. It is an edition of 185 and measure 20x30. To all those going for it, good luck!

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