WBYK, Adam Simpson and Danthony Continue Hitchock Series

Simpson - Vertigo (Regular)

Tomorrow, May 26th, Adam Simpson, Thomas Danthony and WBYK will tackle several classic Hitchcock films for Mondo. 

Simpson - Vertigo (Variant)

All the artists have previously tackled Hitchcock films for Mondo, with Danthony previously doing Vertigo, WBYK doing the Birds and Simpson doing the Rear Window. This time around, the artists have swapped properties with Danthony tackling the Birds, and Simpson and WBYK doing Vertigo. 

WBYK - Vertigo

All the prints came out nicely, and Simpson's Vertigo will be a great companion piece to Rear Window. WBYK is the real standout of the group, with its gorgeous Vertigo print. Bottom line: it seems like everyone will have something they like tomorrow!

Danthony - The Birds

Drop Details: These drop tomorrow at a random time on Mondo's website. The Birds is an edition of 175, measures 18x24, and costs $40;The WBYK Vertigo is an edition 150, measures 24x36 and costs $40; The Simpson Vertigo is an edition 275, measures 24x36 and costs $45, and the Variant is an edition of 150 and costs $65. To all those going for these, good luck!  

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