Drop Info: Obey's "Oil & Gas Building"

Tomorrow, Shepard Fairey is set to release a new print entitled "Oil & Gas Building."  Shepard is extremely passionate about political issues and, as any fan of his knows, it's the main driving force behind his artwork. This print is no different, as Shepard explains:

"Though oil is finite, our reliance on it is so extreme that the power wielded by those who control oil is virtually unlimited. Oil and gas companies and the car manufacturers who profit heavily from gas powered engines used their power and influence to overturn a zero emissions law in the state of California, effectively delaying electric cars arriving on the market accessibly for ten plus years. It is dangerous for an industry to have that much power.

We need to cultivate renewable alternatives, and for the sake of the future, we need to push the govt. to support the developers of new technologies rather than subsidizing old fossil fuel models moving toward obsolescence ."

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] "Oil & Gas Building"[/caption]

While you may not agree with Fairey's politics, it's always interesting to hear an artist discuss his or her inspiration for a piece. It not only gives you an insight into the imagery, but it's also interesting to compare how a piece was originally interpreted by the artist compared to how it is interpreted by the fans.

Drop Details:  Oil & Gas Building will be released tomorrow, February 27, at a random time on Obeygiant.com. It is an edition of 450, costs $45 and measures 18x24.

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