New Print Company, Nautilus Prints, Debuts First Print

Laurent Durieux, hot off of his ultra successful Mondo Gallery show, has two new screen prints for Nautilus Print. What is Nautilus prints, you ask? Well let us back up a second.

It was recently announced that a new print company, Nautilus Art Prints, was launching in Europe. But what made this announcement particularly special was that the company is made up of Laurent Durieux's two brothers Jack Durieux and Thomas Durieux, and the founder of the digital agency Shake, Phillipe Romain.

As stated in their own words, they will strive to make Nautilus a print company that "embodies the European ideal by creating art that mirrors our common imagination."  With that goal in mind, Nautilus' first print is venturing out on the right foot.

Journey to the Center of the Earth is classic Durieux, with beautiful colors and perfect line work. Lucky for us, the regular edition will be a timed sale taking place over 72 hours beginning this Sunday at 1 PM EST.  There will also be a variant edition of 90 that is expected to go on sale at the same time.  As an added bonus, everyone who purchases a regular version, will have a chance at a randomly inserted golden ticket, which will entitle the winner to the original inks for the piece.

Good luck!


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