Mondo to Release Cesar Moreno Jaws and Nicolas Delort Where the Wild Things Are

Tomorrow, Mondo will release new prints for both Jaws and Where the Wild Things Are. As most fans are no doubt familiar, Laurent Durieux's Jaws piece was released in early 2013 and this is the first Mondo print for the film released since. It's a tall order to follow, but Moreno has done an admirable job here.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="533"] Moreno - Jaws[/caption]

Avoiding any comparisons to Durieux, Moreneo's composition is more bleak and lacks the bright colors of Durieux's piece. Instead of  focusing on the beach and patrons, he has chosen a landscape view of the real star of the film -- the water and what's lurking underneath.  He also cleverly incorporates the fin into the film title.  We also get to see the iconic image of the ship sinking.

Mondo clearly has a lot of faith in Moreno. He's only worked on a hand full of prints for them, and yet they allowed him to tackle one the biggest licenses under their belt. It's a great vote of confidence and has paid off here.

[caption id="attachment_5767" align="aligncenter" width="370"]Delort_WTWTA_archive Delort - Where the Wild Things Are[/caption]

Turning to Where the Wild Things Are, Ken Taylor did a great job earlier this year interpreting the film.  Now, Mondo first comer Nicolas Delort has taken a stab at it. What is great about his work is that it seems more out of the pages of the book than the film. The black and white colors scheme  evokes the illustrations in old paperbacks perfectly.   All in all, Delort's work here is an exciting first entry into the Mondo print-world.

Drop Info: Both these prints are being released tomorrow at a random time at Jaws is an edition of 375, measures 12x36 and will cost $45. Where the Wild Things Are is an edition of 250, measures 18x24 and will cost $40. Good luck!

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