Mondo Gallery Set to Open Mike Mitchell's Marvel Show

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Almost a year to the day, Mike Mitchell debuted his portraits at his first Mondo Gallery show.  The show spanned all corners of pop culture, and covered some of film's most popular characters. It also let collectors come up with different pairings of portraits to "face off" against each other on the wall.

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Fast forward to this year, when Mike Mitchell will once again return to the Mondo gallery with his portraits, except this time the entire show is based on marvel comic (not film) characters.  From what has been revealed so far, we can expect over 50 portraits and some "JLUs" (Just like Us for the uninitiated) at this show.  It's a tremendous amount of material, and should leave something for everyone.

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From what has been revealed thus far, it seems that fans will be in for a treat.  Mitchell's portraits provide a very clean, life-like facial representation of the characters, with more comic-like clothing.  What has been interesting to see so far is what iteration of each character Mitchell chose to interpret.  Th Hulk, for example, is clearly an earlier version of the character, not the one that appears in comics today.

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We'll continue to update the article as more previews come in! To anyone going to the show enjoy!

  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Beast[/caption]     UPDATE: As you can see below, we've updated the portrait list with some X-Men and Dr. Strange! We've also gotten our first glance at the JLUs from the show, and have provided images below!   Remember,  anyone in need of a poster buddy for Portraits from the show, email us before 5 EST today! [gallery columns="2" ids="5981,5982,5983,5984"] [gallery ids="5757,5760,5756,5758,5759,5899,5900,5901,5902,5903,5904,5905,5971,5974,5975,5976,5977,5978,5979"] Photos Courtesy of  Comics Alliance, Comic Book ResourcesTime, IGN and the Austin Chronicle 

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