Her by Matthew Woodson to Drop Tomorrow 

To coincide with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the film, Mondo is releasing its first print for the acclaimed film Her.

Although Mondo did not have an Oscar day release schedule this year, it has made up for it by releasing prints for a large portion of the oscar nominated films around their home video release dates. This is the first print by Woodson since his Argo print, and this time the piece is stumping us just a bit.


On the one hand, it's an interesting take on the film with a strong juxtaposition between Theodore and the massive plane.  It evokes the sort of smallness that Theodore ultimately feels in relation to the rest of the world towards the end of the film.   On the other hand, it just feels like it's not fully conveying or representing the essence of the film. Now the "essence" of the film, or any film for that matter, will be different for everyone and, therefore, not easy to pin down.  So that criticism is likely to resonate only to the extent you feel the same way we do about the film's tone and imagery.

Drop Info: The print drops tomorrow at a random time on Mondo's site. It is an edition of 325, measures 18x24 and will cost $45. To those going for it, good luck!

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