Six New Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness Prints Set for Release

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Following up its huge Guardians of the Galaxy drop last week, Mondo is back tomorrow with six all-new prints.  However, instead of being inspired by current Marvel fare, all six prints are based on Sam Rami's classic Evil Dead Series -- specifically, the latter two films in the trilogy, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.  As for the artists, Mondo has Randy Ortiz tackling Evil Dead II, and Tom Whalen and Richey Beckett each handling Army of Darkness, with each artist having a regular and variant edition of their print.

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For Mr. Ortiz, this is his second entry in the Evil Dead trilogy, as he's also covered Army of Darkness for a screening of the film in Kansas City.  As usual, Ortiz impresses here again. His prints are consistently weird and beautiful and this one is no exception. Like Laurent Durieux's rise last year, keep your eye on Ortiz in the year to come.

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As for the other prints being released, they're no slouches either. Richey Beckett's Army of Darkness prints are both fantastic. In fact, they seem more apt than Ortiz's take on the film inasmuch as they prominently feature Ash.  Same goes for Tom Whalen's Army of Darkness prints, which represent classic Whalen and a nice change of subject from his frequent Mondo work on animated features.

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Although the runs on these are all relatively small, hopefully with the variety everyone will get something they want.

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Drop Details: Each print will be released tomorrow, August 14th, at a random time on Mondo's website. Each print measures 24x36 and will be hand numbered. The Ortiz regular will be an edition of 225, while the variant will be an edition of 100. Both the Beckett and Whalen will have regular editions of 275, and variant editions of 125.  All regular prints are priced at $45 and variants will cost $65.

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To all those going for these, Good Luck!

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