Grey Matter Art to Release Officially Licensed Prints for "The Graduate" By Matt Taylor

When a company is only releasing a print or two per month, its margin for error is small. On the flip side, a company also benefits from being able to focus more time on matching artists with properties, as well as on art direction.  Grey Matter Art has personified this through its short time in existence by having limited releases that often hit their mark. And GMA's latest print -- The Graduate by Matt Taylor -- is no exception.

[caption id="attachment_8110" align="aligncenter" width="535"]The Graduate Reg. High Res Matt Taylor - The Graduate Regular Edition[/caption]

After beginning to work with Mondo in 2014, Matt Taylor has been an artist on the rise. This new found attention is well-deserved, as his work for films like Brick have stood out amongst the many new artists Mondo has used in 2014.  However, what may be his most well regarded print, and probably one of the inspirations behind GMA hiring him for this film, is his commission work for Lost in Translation.

Taylor beautifully captured the mood of Lost in Translation, which is no easy task, and managed to do the same here. The composition of the print shows Benjamin in the shadows with Mrs. Robinson standing over him; he is unhappy, and completely unsure of what lies ahead or what it means to be an adult. Meanwhile, the "adults" in the film are juxtaposed next to him smiling in a vibrant pink colorway (or in the case of the variant, green).  It is a powerful composition that does justice to some of the more prevalent themes in the film.

[caption id="attachment_8109" align="aligncenter" width="482"]The Graduate Var. High Res Matt Taylor - The Graduate Variant Edition[/caption]

But enough about what we have to say! Here's what GMA had to say about the prints:

"When we had the opportunity to do "The Graduate", we jumped at the chance to be able to be the first to release it. We thought it out for a while on who would be the perfect choice to take on this project. This isn't a film that just anyone would be right for, and it really had to be done the right way for the idea to get across. As soon as we thought of artist Matt Taylor, it just seemed to click, and we couldn't see anyone else give it as much justice as he would. Matt has that great style where he can really portray a feeling or mood of an image, and for this poster, he did just that. You can see the conflicted emotion on Dustin Hoffman's character, Benjamin Braddock's face so well. This poster has beautiful color and imagery and we are honored to be able to be the ones to match the film and artist so well on this one."

So there you have it!

Drop Details:  The regular and variant edition will both be released on Tuesday, October 28th at a random time between 1-2 PM EST. The regular is an edition of 175 and will cost $45, while the variant has a run of 90 and costs $55.  Both measure 18x24. To all those going for them, Good Luck!

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