Odd City Entertainment Returns with Laurent Durieux Godfather Series

After a tumultuous year, Odd City Entertainment looks to bounce back with a new print series based on the Godfather films. While there have been doubts about OCE's ability to regain market share, there's nearly no better artist to stage a come back with than Laurent Durieux.  And OCE has not only locked down Durieux for "The Godfather" but for all three films in the series.

[caption id="attachment_8233" align="aligncenter" width="481"]Godfather Reg The Godfather - Regular Edition[/caption]

For the Godfather,  Durieux chose the iconic scene where an attempt is made on Vito's life at a fruit stand. The way it's depicted is not an obvious choice, and for that reason it works well. It conveys an unknown menace in a way that is similar to the shark fin on the umbrella in his Jaws print.

[caption id="attachment_8234" align="aligncenter" width="522"]God Variatn The Godfather - Variant Edition[/caption]

The only part of the piece we wish was different is the quotation on the bottom. Not only does it feel misplaced, but it's actually spoken by Michael  in Godfather Part II. Durieux addressed this complaint by explaining that Michael was recounting something Vito had said to him, thereby making the quotation accurate. In any event, the location of the quote makes it easy to frame out for those that do not like it.

Drop Details: These go on sale today, November 17th, at around 12 PM EST.  The regular is an edition of  325 and will cost $65, and will also be printed on wood with an edition of 50 for $300. The variant has an edition of 150 and will cost $100. Each print is 24x36, and will be signed and numbered by Laurent. Additionally, these will be printed by Durieux, himself, and are expected to ship in December.

To those going for them, good luck!

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