Great New Puppet Master Print by Dan Mumford to Be Released by GMA

As they've done consistently throughout their short history, Grey Matter Art has produced quality prints by pairing the right artists with the right properties.  This time is no different, as they've hired Dan Mumford to tackle "Puppet Master."

Puppet Master Final

The colors on the print look great, and the title is a nice contrast. You can tell both GMA and Mumford were passionate about this project; as Mumford explains:

"Puppet Master is a film that always intrigued me in my youth. It was one of the many films that I would always ask my dad to rent from the video store, but would of course not be allowed to. So much like many of the other fantastic horror movies of the 80’s, its myth and mystique grew even more fascinating to me, and I would pore over the covers and try and imagine what I could from the details on the back of the box. Coupled with the fact that any puppet or toy becoming murderous is absolutely terrifying to a child, it became a film of much reverence to me. Which is strange considering I never actually watched it until I was well into my twenties. It was simply one of those films that defined 80’s horror for me, due to the premise and what I had heard of the film. When I finally did watch it, it didn't disappoint, the film is a fantastically creepy and still horrifying vision that scares to the core, and taps into those childlike fears. As a film that has spawned 10 sequels, I think it’s clearly a very special film series that people still hold dear to their heart, myself included."


As you can see from the photo above, these have already been printed and should be ready to ship shortly. It also bears noting that from the looks of things, Seizure Palace has done a great job printing these.

Drop Details: Puppet Master will be released next Tuesday, February 24, at 1PM EST here. It is an edition of 160, will cost $45 and measures 18x24. To those going for it, good luck!

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