The Second Installment of the Trilogy Drops Friday

Last year, Odd City Entertainment announced that it would be releasing prints by Laurent Durieux for each film in the Godfather trilogy.  After November's successful release of Durieux's print for the original film -- "The Godfather" -- Odd City will release prints for "The Godfather Part II" this Friday, March 6th.

[caption id="attachment_8794" align="aligncenter" width="426"]Reg Regular Edition[/caption]

For starters, Durieux did beautiful work here. He captured many of the themes of the film, without depicting a scene that would be obvious or expected by fans. Instead, we get a young Vito on his way to Ellis Island -- packed on a boat with other immigrants, and the towering statute of liberty right ahead.  It is also notable that Durieux chose to depict Vito sitting alone, while all the other passengers in our view marvel at their new home. It's a beautiful portrait of not just the film, but of that specific moment in American History where tens of millions of immigrants passed through Ellis Island hoping to start a better life for their families.

[caption id="attachment_8793" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Variant Variant Edition[/caption]

A big difference from the last print in the series is that Laurent opted to use Italian text on the variant edition, which is a nice touch and well suited for the film. Our only wish is that the same Italian text was used on "The Godfather" variant, so collectors could have symmetry for the series.  Like last time, there will also be a Wood Variant, which will have the same image as the regular edition print.

Drop DetailsThese go on sale this Friday, March 6th, at a random time on Odd City's website. The regular is an edition of  375 and will cost $65, and will also be printed on wood with an edition of 60 for $300. The variant has an edition of 200 and will cost $100. Each print is 24x36, and will be signed and numbered by Laurent.

To those going for them, good luck!

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