Mondo Goes Pre-Historic for its Next Show

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On Friday, June 12th, Mondo will celebrate one of the most popular films of all time when it opens its Jurassic Park gallery show "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth."  While the show was announced around a month ago, we've started to see a steady stream of artwork over the last couple of weeks.

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From the looks of what's been released so far, the show is shaping up to be great. There seems to be a good mix between original work and prints, meaning there will be something for everyone. While we don't have 100% confirmation as of yet, it seems likely that Aaron Horkey's and Ken Taylor's contributions will be original works.

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Mondo has also been tight lipped about whether they had likeness rights for the original film. We also don't know to what extent the other films in the franchise will be represented. But we're almost certainly going to have a couple of pieces tackling Jurassic World.

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We'll keep you updated on new reveals as they come in, and to those going to the show, enjoy!

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