Mondo to Drop a Print for the Original National Lampoon's Vacation 


Tomorrow, July 30th, Mondo will release a print for one of the greatest comedies of the 1980s. Written by John Hughes and directed by Harold Ramis, National Lampoon's Vacation went on to spawn three sequels (including the classic "Christmas Vacation"), and now a reboot, which will be released this weekend.

In light of the new Vacation, it seems apt that Mondo will honor the original film with a print by Andrew Kolb. Mr. Kolb came up with a clever design that is both simplistic and packed with references from the film. There's Eddy's gift to Clark (the white shoes), Aunt Edna's glasses and the cash register that Clark stole money from -- just to name a few.

Here's what Mr. Kolb had to say about the project:

"Whoa, where to even begin? Before the crew brought me the project, I'd only seen the film a half dozen times, but thought I knew it pretty well. Wrong. After watching it again - taking notes, rewinding, and jotting down ideas the whole time - I realized just how brilliantly paced the whole thing is. In working through concepts (maps, postcards, etc.), the goal was to make something as expansive as a film about a road trip deserves, while also literally packing in as many references as possible."

Drop Details: This goes on sale tomorrow, July 30th, at a random time on Mondo's website. It is an edition of 200, measures 18x24 and costs $40. To all those going for it, good luck!

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