GMA Continues its Marvel Films Series with Gabz

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On Wednesday September 2nd, Grey Matter Art will release three new Iron Man Prints by Gabz. While Gabz and GMA are frequent collaborators, this is the first time they've paired on the Marvel Films license.

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Gabz made a very interesting choice by making Obadiah the focal point of the print. His imposing image almost evokes an old propaganda poster, which looms over the entire print.

Here's what Gabz had to say about the design:

“When growing up I was a huge comic book fan, reading everything comics related I could get my hands on (which, in Eastern Europe wasn't as easy as one might think). I used to copy my favourite artists and draw my own stories. Back in the day working for comic giant such as Marvel seemed like an impossible dream, so as soon as I heard the GMA guys are getting the license for Marvel films, I had a number of titles I wanted to tackle. I was thrilled and excited to work on Jon Favreau’s: Iron Man, by far my favourite and best Marvel film (next to The Guardians of the Galaxy). I enjoy it greatly every time I see it. I wanted the composition to reflect the conflict between good and evil by dividing the canvas into two parts. Since I was always drawn towards villains in those type of movies I decided to build the composition around Obadiah’s sinister headshot (one cannot really dislike The Dude). It wouldn't be a complete Iron Man poster without Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Iron Man's classic pose. I hope the fans of the movie will appreciate it. I know for sure I had a blast doing it and I’m very happy with cleverly used foil this time around."

[caption id="attachment_11683" align="aligncenter" width="429"]iron_man_Foil_ Gold Foil Edition[/caption]  

Drop Details: These will all be released on Wednesday, September 2nd, at random time between 1-2 PM EST on GMA's website. The regular has an edition of 225 and will cost $50; the variant has an edition of 175 and will cost $70; and the gold foil variant has an edition of 125 and will cost $100.

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