A Legendary Artist Tackles a Legendary Property

Regular Edition

Tyler Stout has been one of the most popular alternative film artists for roughly ten years now. Each and every one of his releases is still a highly anticipated event in the poster world, and his next release will be no exception. 

Variant Edition

True Romance is a classic of modern cinema. It's filled with an astonishing amount of memorable characters, and moments, all of which make it a perfect film for Tyler to tackle.  Grey Matter Art clearly recognized that Tyler was the perfect artist to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, and were lucky enough to secure his services for this great piece. 

Gold Edition

There will be three different version of the print, so everyone will have a shot at grabbing one. The regular and variant editions will be available via GMA, while the Gold edition will be available exclusively through Tstout.com at a later date. 

Drop Details: The regular and variant will go on sale Thursday, December 13th at 1 PM EST on GMA's webstore. The regular is an edition of 700 and costs $65, while the variant is an edition of 300 and costs $110. The gold variant is an edition of 300 and will be sold at a later date.

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