Burton Crafts Beautiful Vertigo Prints for MDP

Regular Edition 

        On Wednesday, September 28th, Jonathan Burton and Mad Duck Posters will release three gorgeous prints for the classic film Vertigo.


Variant Edition 

Burton was a great choice for Vertigo because he's a master at making new posters feel classic. Much like his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and King Kong, his Vertigo posters look like they could have been released at the time the film was initially released. 

"Have you been here before?"

Mr. Burton had the following to say about his work:

"The scene of Madeleine floating in the bay surrounded by flowers directly reflects images of Shakespeare’s Ophelia. I used Sir John Everett Millais’s painting of Ophelia as my source of inspiration for her floating pose and the water’s reflection of Madeleine’s face became an interesting way to represent her duality. 
The films use of colour is very rich with contrasting reds and greens. Madeleine and Judy are constantly associated with the colour green; her car, clothes, the cemetery, the lighting in the motel and the green water of the bay in which she throws herself. The reason I coloured the water such a strong shade of deep green.
My representation of Scottie is a direct tribute to the iconic original poster of Saul Bass with a graphic disorienting shape around his silhouette. In the two editions of this poster I wanted to try different ways of showing Scottie’s panic. The Variant edition uses the more classic ‘spiral’ which is synonymous with the film while the regular edition has the form of his silhouette zooming out. In this version Scottie appears to be running towards us but the zoom effect gives the illusion that he’s falling away. It’s a link to the nausea inducing special effect, invented by Hitchcock, of the camera lens zooming in while the camera pulls back. A technique that was used so effectively to represent Scottie's phobia."

Drop Details: All three posters go on sale this Wednesday, September 28th at 12 PM EST here.  The regular has an edition of 225, measures 24x36 and costs $65. The variant has an edition of 125, measures 24x36 and costs $85. The art print, "Have you been here before?" has an edition 225, cost $30 and measures 10x8. 



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