Durieux Tackles the 70's Spy Thriller 

Regular Edition

Laurent Durieux has teased alternative art for "The Conversation" for some time, leaving fans wondering whether he would ever turn that work into an officially released poster. Those fans do not have to wait any longer, as "The Conversation" will finally be available on Thursday, April 5th. 

Variant Edition

In a first, Mondo and Nautilus Print, the Durieux Brothers' print company, will share the release.  Mondo will release the regular edition, while Nautilus will release the variant. With the release spread out, it should give fans looking for both versions a better shot to score. 

Drop Details: The regular goes on sale April 5th at a random time on Mondo's website, while Nautilus will release the variant at 1 PM EDT on the same date. The regular will cost $60, while the variant will cost $92. Both prints measure 24x36. To those going for these, good luck! 

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