Mondo to Drop New Prints for Drive and Gasoline & Microbe

On Thursday June 30th, Mondo revisits the modern classic Drive. Several years ago, Mondo released a slew of posters for the film by the likes of Tyler Stout and Ken Taylor. This time, it's Matthew Woodson's chance to take a stab at the film. 

Woodson's take wisely strays away from focusing the print on depicting the Driver himself, which Stout and Taylor had already done a tremendous job of doing, and instead focuses on one of the Driver's tools: his gloves. It's a really smart approach and works well here. 

Mondo will also be releasing a really well done print by Marc Aspinall for the film Gasoline & Microbe. We're not sure how this was turned into a screen print, but Dan Black from Landland worked some serious magic and made it happen.

Drop  Details: These both go on sale tomorrow at a random time on Mondo's website. Drive is an edition of 225, measures 18x24 and costs $45. Gasoline & Microbe is an edition of 125, measures 24x18 and costs $40. To all those going for these, good luck!

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