Mondo Set to Start off 2017 With A Bang 

Regular Edition 

With its first print releases of 2017, Mondo has come out swinging. First up we have new prints by Jonathan Burton for a film Mondo has yet to tackle. The Aviator. It's exciting to see Mondo work on a Scorsese film, and we're hoping to see some other classics released soon. 

Variant Edition

Here's what Mondo said about the two colorways for the Aviator:

The regular and variant versions each represent specific color palettes in the film. Scorsese and his team created two unique palettes (Technicolor inspired two color and vibrant three-strip) to approximate the technology of the film industry in the movie's time periods.

Rory Kurtz - Drive
Next up, we have Drive by Rory Kurtz. Mr. Kurtz closed out 2016 with a slew of top notch prints, and is now continuing that winning trend into the new year. While Drive has been rendered countless times before, it's never been done quite as well as this one.  

Drop Details: All prints go on sale tomorrow, January 5th, at a random time on Mondo's website. Drive has an edition of 375, costs $50 and measures 24x36. The Aviator regular edition costs $50 and has a run of 250, while the variant costs $75 and has a run of 125. Both prints are 24x36. To all those going for these, good luck! 

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