Two Artists New to the Mondo Stable Take a Crack at Classic Comic Characters 

Ruth - Daredevil Regular Edition 

Tomorrow, January 19th, Mondo is set to release new posters for Daredevil and Scarlet Witch. Both posters are designed by artist new to Mondo's roster. 

Ruth - Daredevil Variant Edition 

First up, we have Daredevil by Greg Ruth. Ruth has done a lot of private commission work, so it's nice to see him get something out there that's officially licensed. Ruth came up with this image in his spare time and posted it online. Mondo loved it so much that they turned it into an official release. 

Aja - Scarlet Witch Cover #3

For Scarlet Witch, Mondo is transforming cover art by well known comic artist David Aja into poster art. Both covers look great, but cover #6 is a conceptual doozy.  

Aja - Scarlet Witch Cover #6

Drop Details: All four prints go on sale tomorrow, January 19th, on Mondo's store page. Daredevil has an edition of 275 and costs $45, while the variant edition costs $65 and has an edition of 150. Both prints measure 24x36. The Scarlet Witch prints each have an edition of 125, costs $45 and measure 18x24.  

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