Mondo Taps Kevin Tong to Tackle The Oscar Contender 

Tomorrow, February 16th, Mondo will release its very first posters for the Oscar contender Arrival. And Mondo has tasked Kevin Tong with the job of tackling the new  sci-fi classic. 

Regular Edition 

In rendering the film, Tong took the smart approach and focused on the human element of Arrival. The ending, which we won't spoil here, is really the central element that makes the rest of the movie work. This poster pays proper service to that aspect of the film. 

Variant Edition

Drop Details: Both the regular and variant go on sale this Thursday, February 16th, at a random time on Mondo's website. The regular is an edition of 325 and costs $60, while the variant is an edition of 150 and costs $80. To all those going for these, good luck!

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