Mondo Taps Tobin for Gremlins and Brogan for Gremlins 2

Matt Ryan Tobin - Gremlins

Tomorrow, December 1, Mondo will drop two new prints for the Gremlin films. Matt Ryan Tobin will continue his recent hot streak with Mondo with a great new print for the original Gremlins. 

Glen Brogan - Gremlins 2

Next, Glenn Brogan will bring Gremlins 2 to life with his new print for the film. What's great about both these prints is how tonally different they are from each other. Tobin's print is on the darker side of things, while Brogan's conveys the more innocent, "cute" side of the films. Very apt takes for both artists.

Drop Details:  Both prints will be released by Mondo at a random time on December 1st. The Gremlins print is an edition of 275, costs $45 and measures 24x36. The Gremlins 2 print is an edition of 150, measures 18x24 and costs $40. To all those going for these, good luck! 

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