From Durieux to Moss to Stout, BNG's NYCC is Poised to be Huge
There's not much to say about Bottleneck Gallery's NYCC lineup this year but WOW. Bottleneck has prints from seemingly every big artist working right now, including Laurent Durieux, Jock, Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Martin Ansin, Ise Ananphada, Matt Ferguson and Tomer Hanuka. It's an incredibly impressive lineup of superstar artists, with some really fantastic artwork.  We'll spend the rest of this post letting some of the artwork speak for itself:

Olly Moss - Garfield 
Hanuka - L-Train


ISE - Force Awakens (Regular)

ISE - Force Awakens Gold Variant

David Welker - Whales

Mark Englert - Batman (1989)


Jock - 28 Days Later


Jock - 28 Days Later Variant

Alice X. Zhang - Harley 

Durieux - Edward Scissorhands

Durieux - Edward Scissorhands (Poodle Variant)

Rodriguez - Lord of the Rings: FOTR


Ansin - Escape From New York


Matt Ferguson - The Killing Joke



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