Lotus Ornament is the Newest Letterpress from Obey

Tomorrow, June 8th, Shepared Fairey will release a new letterpress on obey giant entitled "Lotus Ornament." The image was previously the subject of other prints and materials produced by Fairey, but this is the first letterpress of the image. 

Here's what Shepard had to say about it:
"The Lotus Ornament letterpress is inspired by the symbolism and beauty of the Lotus flower. The lotus is something beautiful that grows out of the mud. I see the Lotus as a metaphor for what is especially needed in this moment… an effort to lift ourselves out of the mud of political and environmental irresponsibility in pursuit of harmony with each other and and the planet."

Drop Details: Lotus Ornament Letterpress goes on sale tomorrow, June 8th, at 1 PM EST on obeygiant's webstore. It is an edition of 450, costs $65, and measures 10x13. 

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