Cloonan and Connelly Tackle Video Games for Mondo

Silent Hill Regular 

On Tuesday, April 12th, Mondo will release prints for two video game classics: Castlevania and Silent Hill.  For Silent Hill, Mondo has tapped Sam Wolfe Connelly, who nailed the creepy and eery vibe of the game series perfectly. 

Castlevania Regula

Becky Cloonan was tasked with designing the Castlevania prints, and also did a great job. Becky has done some really great work for Mondo lately, and we're excited to see more from her in the future. 

Silent Hill Variant

Drop Details: All four prints drop tomorrow on Mondo's website at a random time. All four prints measure 18x24, with the regulars each costing $40 and the variants each costing $60. Silent Hill has an edition of 125, while the variant will have an edition of 75. Castlevania has an edition of 200, while the variants has an edition of 100. To all those going for these, good luck!

Castlevania Variant

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