GMA Teams up with Gabz for Robocop


Robocop is a film that has had the alternative poster treatment countless times, which can make crafting something exciting and different difficult. Gabz has managed to overcome those obstacles by created a really great Robocop design for Grey Matter Art.


Even Gabz himself acknowledged these challenges when discussing the project:
“It was a challenge to pay tribute to such a 90’s classic, which on top of that, has been done by so many amazing artists before me. Till this day I remember how shockingly violent and bloody this movie was, back when I saw it for the first time as a teenager and I thought that my print definitely needs to reflect some of that bloodiness. Opposite to some other takes on the franchise, my Robocop is one tough looking cyborg who “saves the day” and helps few poor thugs to “stay out of trouble”. I’m happy with the customised title treatment and the whole layout was intended to look like some sort of a fictional OCP flayer."
Drop Details: Both the regular and variant go on sale this Wednesday, March 16th. The regular has an edition of 225 and costs $45, while the variant has an edition of 100 and costs $65. Both prints measures 24x36. To all those going for these, good luck!

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