Most Anticipated Prints and Shows of 2014

by Casey Cuene

It seems like 2013 flew by. I was going through my flat file earlier this week and I saw some pieces that I could have swore were released last year but were actually from 2012 and earlier. So what will 2014 bring us? That’s a good question. As of now, very little is confirmed. There are plenty of safe bets and confirmed art shows to look forward to. With that, I decided to put together my top 10 most anticipated prints, gallery openings, and collaborative series for 2014. We’ll start with numbers 6 through 10 for now. Look for 1 through 5 in my next post. While you look at my list, think about what would be on your list.


10. See America Project - Various Artists


The Creative Action Network has partnered with the National Parks Group to re-imagine the famous “See America” poster series of the 1930s. Local artists all over the country will contribute art that shows the beauty of our country’s state parks. I imagine many of the artists will create stellar designs in the vein of Laurent Durieux’s 2012 Bigfoot National Park print.


9. War of the Worlds - Tracie Ching


The world needs more pop art posters inspired by famous literature. Luckily, Tracie Ching has a solo show in March at Galerie F in Chicago. Each piece will be inspired by famous literature and I’m very intrigued to see how each work is tackled. It’ll be nice to not have preconceived ideas in my head on what the art should be like, which is often the case with movie posters. The already released War of the Worlds print is a great start.


8. Ascent by Josh Keyes


Josh Keyes just released a new mixed media art piece called “Ascent.” As it stands right now, it is an original art piece. However, I’m hoping to see this released in the form of a print in 2014. It’s a beautiful image and Keyes describes elements of the piece that were inspired by his mother’s battle with breast cancer. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to put this on my wall by the end of the year.


7. Brand New by Bruce Yan


Bruce Yan will be doing his first solo show at Gallery 1988 and the showcard alone sold me on the event. I work in the advertising industry so I was sold when I saw tagline read “Iconic brands with a pop culture twist.” Yan’s art reminds me of the kind of thing that initially attracted me to the work of Olly Moss, and I can't wait to see what he has in store.


6. Jurassic Park by Tyler Stout

I have a feeling that this will finally be the year that this print comes to fruition. There hasn’t been any news about it yet but we still have a ton of time in 2014. I think the Jurassic Park license with Mondo still has some juice in it, so why not save the best for last.

 See you back here tomorrow for 1-5!

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