Ansin/Tong Show to Debut in March

Over the weekend, less than 24 hours after opening night of Laurent Durieux's tremendous gallery show, Mondo announced an Ansin/Tong Gallery Show debuting March 14th. Now, many had speculated about such a show and Mondo did not disappoint. Similar to the Game of Thrones show preceeding Stout/Taylor last year, the Disney show will serve as a precursor to Ansin-Tong.

 As many mondo fans must feel, we are incredibly excited about the prospect of this show. Ansin and Tong have very distinct but different styles, and it will be fun to see what properties they tackle. Could there be a Ansin Die Hard in our future? Who knows. But that's part of the fun with these shows: speculating/wishing that one of the prints will be for a property you love. And with these two, we're sure to have some instant classics.

We'll have more on both the artists and the show as it gets closer, including a look back at both of their work over the past several years.

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