Looking Ahead at the Year in Film

By Casey Cuene

I know what you’re thinking. It’s February, why is he still doing year in review and New Year preview lists. But hear me out because this one could be fun. There is a laundry list of movies from the past that I wish there was a badass poster for. But then I realized I spend too much time living in the past. This hobby moves too fast to worry about what hasn’t been done. So this year, I’m embracing what’s next to come. I’ve picked out the ten films I’m looking forward to the most in 2014 and I’m giving my top choice for the artist I’d like to see take a stab at it. I listed them in order by release date; so don’t gang up on me because Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi film isn’t higher on the list. Trust me, I’m excited!

The Monuments Men

February 7

Rich Kelly

What a cast! Goodman, Murray, Clooney, Damon, and more. With that in mind, I was tempted to give this one to Tyler Stout before deciding on Rich Kelly. With a memorable cast, I wanted an artist that would capture the cast well and Rich Kelly is another artist that always has a good finger to the pulse when it comes to character representation.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

March 7

Tyler Stout

You probably weren’t expecting me to pick Tyler Stout on this one. Believe me, I think it is a little outside the box, myself. Usually, we think of Tyler Stout for big blockbusters with big Hollywood names. But Stout is so good at tackling films with a huge cast and Wes Anderson always delivers a plethora of memorable characters. So why not? It would be a refreshing change for Stout.


The Raid 2: Berandal

March 28


I kind of cheated when selecting this one. But I thought Jock’s poster for The Raid (pictured above) that was done in 2012 was amazing. It is an incredibly underrated poster for a fantastic film. So why not have him do the sequel?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

April 4

Phantom City Creative

At first I thought it would be odd to have a Canada based studio design a film called Captain America. But then I remembered they already tackled the character when The Avengers was released. That poster was pretty awesome and I’d love to see them tackle the new film with an emphasis on more characters.


April 18

Martin Ansin

There is just something about Martin Ansin when it comes to science fiction. Ansin was the first artist I thought of when building this list and I kept trying to think of somebody who I thought could do it better. So let’s just leave it to Ansin, we’ll be in good hands.

Meet Me Back Here For Part II Tomorrow!


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