Mondo Set to Release Captain America The Winter Solider by Rich Kelly

 Tomorrow Mondo will release two new prints by Rich Kelly for Captain America the Winter Solider.  Mr. Kelly has had a great run of posters recently, including Inside Llewyn Davis and the Sword in the Stone, and his Captain America prints are no exception.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Regular Edition[/caption]

With a composition reminiscent of Ansin, Kelly puts his unique character depiction on full display here. What's exciting about that is that this print doesn't feel like a retread of other Mondo Marvel prints. With the Marvel films having been tackled by a whole host of Mondo artists already, there was a risk that this print could be somewhat stale. However, Kelly's take is a mix of exciting and familiar that works perfectly.

While the blue color scheme of the regular seems to fit better with classic colors of Captain America, the Bucky holding the gun in the variant (instead of the knife in the regular) looks more natural. Regardless of which people prefer, there's no going wrong with either version.

Drop Info: These go on sale at a random time tomorrow at Mondo's site. Both prints are hand numbered and measure 24x36. The regular is an edition of 435 and will cost $45, while the variant is an edition of 225 and will cost $70.

To those going for it, Good Luck!

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