Drop Info: "Cost of Expression" Set to Drop on Obey Giant Tomorrow

After last week's depiction of Bob Marley, Shepard Fairey has taken on another famous face for the subject of his next release, "Cost of Expression."  The name of the piece is in reference to the struggles of the man it depicts, Ai Weiwei, who has railed against China's communist government and its abysmal human rights record through art and journalism, among other things.

Here is what Shepard had to say about Weiwei"

“I admire Ai Weiwei for his art and his activism. His art is beautiful in form, and in function embodies the principles of populism and social consciousness I aspire to in my own practice. This poster is a tribute to Ai Weiwei’s art, his courage to be outspoken, and in support of his ongoing political struggle with the Chinese government. I hope the image will help raise awareness and advance dialogue that might lead to permission for Ai Weiwei to travel freely and continue to express himself"

Drop Info: The print will be released tomorrow, April 8th, at a random time between 4-5 EST. It measures 18x24, is an edition of 375 and costs $60.

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