New Grey Matter Art and Gabz Collaboration for Mulholland Drive

Through its first few months in existence, Grey Matter Art ("GMA") has done a great job of tackling unique films with great artists. GMA has also been wise not to create artwork solely for films that already have a glut of alternative artwork produced for them.  In that same tradition, GMA has recently revealed it is releasing the first ever officially licensed print for David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.

[caption id="attachment_8026" align="aligncenter" width="438"]revised Mulholland Drive Reg. Ed. Regular Edition[/caption]

As they did so successfully for Escape from NY, GMA has once again tapped the talented artist Gabz for the design.   Unlike his artwork for Escape from NY, Gabz's work here is more in line with his previous design layouts for films like Inception and True Romance.  Gabz is a master at framing his art within a large silhouette of a character or image, and does a great job again here.

[caption id="attachment_8025" align="aligncenter" width="426"]revised Mulholland Drive Variant Edition. Variant Edition[/caption]

If their first two collaborations are any indication, we look forward to seeing more work in the future between Gabz and GMA!

Drop Info: The regular and variant edition will both be released on Tuesday, September 30th at a random time between 1-2 PM EST. The regular is an edition of 225 and will cost $50, while the variant has a run of 150 and costs $75.  To all those going for them, Good Luck!

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