Mondo to Drop New Home Alone Print in Time for the Holidays

Just about a year ago from today, Mondo released its first Home Alone print, which was illustrated by Adam Simpson. While that print got somewhat lost in the shuffle due to sharing its release date with the most anticipated print of the year, Aaron Horkey' s Two Towers, it now receives the attention it deserves.


Now Mondo has tasked DKNG to take a second stab at the film, and the LA based design studio has done a great job with it. What's great about the piece is that instead of focusing on the memorable scenes from inside the house, as Simpson's work did so successfully, DKNG has focused its piece on the outside of the iconic McCallister home. DKNG has basically designed a portrait of the home, which is instantly recognizable to any fan of the movie.

There are also some great callbacks to the film sprinkled throughout the print -- like the paint cans in the window and  Kevin's Neighbor, Old Man Marley, with his Shovel to the right of the print.  All in all it's beautiful piece that captures the film from a unique perspective.

Here's what DKNG had to say about some of the technical aspects of the print:

"This poster was an interesting challenge for us as we’ve typically been using two-color printing for this more realistic style. This time around, we stepped up to a four-color design that looks great with the fine halftones blending the colors. The poster is printed on a subtle metallic paper that will give the snow an extra shimmer as well."

Drop Details: These will go onsale tomorrow at a random time on Mondo's website. It will be an edition of 275, measure 18x24 and will cost $40. To all those going for it, good luck!

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