Tyler Stout Goes in a Different Direction for New Alien Prints

As first reported by Slashfilm, Mondo finally unveiled Tyler Stout's Alien prints at a Texas screening for the film held last night.  Anticipation for this one has been extremely high, as it paired one of the most popular film print artists with a dream property -- a sci-fi/horror classic in the same vein as another Stout great: the Thing. However, reaction to the print has been decidedly mixed.

[caption id="attachment_8529" align="aligncenter" width="284"]TStout_Alien_final-333x500 Regular Edition[/caption]

Upon seeing the prints, many fans bemoaned they were disappointed it wasn't in Tyler's typical, collage-like style and that the piece looked to be framed for an LP, not a print (fans were ultimately right about this, as it's noted in the credits on the print itself). And many were quick to point out that the piece wrongly stated the screening date as Sunday, not Wednesday.  While these criticisms are valid,  there is still a lot to like about the prints.

[caption id="attachment_8530" align="aligncenter" width="333"]TStout_Alien_variant_final-333x500 Variant Edition[/caption]

First, it's nice to see Tyler tweaking his style.  He shouldn't be pigeonholed into making the same kind of print for every release he does. Further, the composition of the print is actually pretty clever, with Kane and the egg worked into the center of the image. The coloring and large lettering also adds to a vibe that exudes a classic horror movie, which fits perfectly with Alien. All in all, it's a very cool print, which may be getting some undeserved heat because it's not at all what fans expect.

Drop Details: These will be released tomorrow, January 30th, a random time on Mondo's website. The regular is an edition of 510 (with much less online due to sales being made at the screening), and the variant has a run of 235.  The regular will cost $60, while the variant will cost you $110. Both prints are hand numbered and measure 24x36. To those going for them, good luck!

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