Nosferatu Prints by Godmachine to Be Released by GMA

This week, Grey Matter Art will once again pair with talented UK artist Godmachine for their latest alternative film print. The team had previously worked together on the Toxic Avenger, but this time they chose something more classic to tackle: Nosferatu.

[caption id="attachment_8542" align="aligncenter" width="354"]Nosferatu poster Regular Edition[/caption]

The horror classic has been interpreted before -- most notably Ken Taylor's piece for Mondo -- so Godmachine took a very clever alternative route in depicting the film. Instead of focusing on the famous image of Count Orlok, Godmachine shows a skeletal version, with blood dripping from his eyes. A freighting image for a freighting film and, as a result, a great design.

[caption id="attachment_8543" align="aligncenter" width="367"]Nosferatu spatter Variant Edition[/caption]

There will also be a fantastic bloody variant image; in fact, the COA will even be blood spattered!  Unfortunately for fans, however, the variant will NOT be available for purchase. Instead, the variant will be randomly inserted into one buyer's tube. All you need to do is buy a regular on drop day, and you will be eligible to win the print. It is only an edition of one, so whichever collector grabs it will essentially own an original Godmachine piece!

Drop Details: Nosferatu will be released this Thursday, February 5, at 1PM EST here. It is an edition of 160, will cost $45 and measures 18x24. To those going for it, good luck!

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