Mondo Releases Three New Wizard of Oz Prints by DKNG

Tomorrow, April 21st, Mondo will release its latest Wizard of Oz prints by DKNG. There will be three different colorways of the print and, therefore, plenty of options for fans of the film.

[caption id="attachment_10102" align="aligncenter" width="679"]Puple Purple Edition[/caption]

In the same way they did with Home Alone, DKNG decided to depict the classic film by focusing on an image that is not overused or obvious. As a result, they have forgone the yellow brick road and instead have our main characters riding on the Horse of a Different Color. As DKNG explains:

"When approaching a film as iconic as The Wizard of Oz, we wanted to find a unique focal point beyond the main iconography of the film. The Horse of a Different Color occupies just a brief scene, but proved to be a great subject for a print series that includes the three different colors - red, purple, and yellow - that the horse takes on in the film. Each print shares three ink colors with the fourth screen customized to provide the color change for each variant."  

[caption id="attachment_10101" align="aligncenter" width="724"]Red Red Edition[/caption]

As usual, it's great work. And another example of the group's unique ability to design a print that feels like a 7 color screen print while only using 3 or 4 colors .

[caption id="attachment_10100" align="aligncenter" width="699"]Gold Gold Edition[/caption]

Drop Details: These will all go on sale tomorrow, March 21st, at a random time on Mondo's website. They will each measure 18x24, have an edition 175 and cost $40. To all those going for these, Good Luck!

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