Under the Bridge  to Release "Hunger" by Bisser

bisser real

In 2015, Under the Bridge and Aracadium have released an impressive amount of quality artwork by various street artists from across the globe.  This week they have done it again, as they ready the release of a new print by young Belgium artist Bisser.

The piece is entitled "Hunger" and flips the classic New York City graffiti dynamic on its head.  Bisser depicts a huge graffiti can devouring small subway cars. Although of course not literal, it's a clever way of showcasing not only how graffiti work overtook the subways of New York City, but it's also a nice homage to the roots of the current street art movement that Bisser finds himself a part of now.

Additionally, as an added bonus there will be a small number of hand finished editions. While the photos of those hand finishes have not yet been revealed, we do know that Bisser added all the color to the print, as it was originally a one color screen print.

Drop Details: Both the regular and hand finished editions will go on sale tomorrow at Noon EST on Under the Bridge's webstore.  The regular is signed and numbered out of an edition of 75 and will cost $200. The hand finished is a signed and numbered edition of only 10, and will cost $425.

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