GMA and Matt Ferguson Team Up for Another Marvel Print

[caption id="attachment_11655" align="aligncenter" width="361"]thorfinal_reg Regular Edition[/caption]

On Thursday, August 20th, Grey Matter Art will release three new Thor Prints by Matt Ferguson. While the GMA, Ferguson, Marvel combo worked well for Iron Man, it's even stronger here.

[caption id="attachment_11654" align="aligncenter" width="354"]thorfinal_variant Variant Edition[/caption]

Feeling much more like a companion piece to Ferguson's Guardians of the Galaxy print, Thor feels pulpy and looks beautiful. The design perfectly incorporates the most notable character from the film -- Loki -- by making him loom over the entire image. Thor standing beneath Loki on the rainbow bridge in his most heroic pose is a great contrast to the evil Loki evokes in the background. And in a nice design touch, the lightening from Thor's hammer is slightly cutting through the image of Loki.

[caption id="attachment_11656" align="aligncenter" width="387"]thorfinal_reg_foil Foil Edition[/caption]

Here's what Matt had to say about the piece:

"Thor is one of the best subjects to make a poster about because it is unique film in the Marvel Universe. I love the cosmic aspect to the setting crossed with a strong fantasy vibe. I tried to get that across in my poster by using the rainbow bridge and Bifrost. I also wanted the composition to fit in with the Iron Man poster I have already produced for Grey Matter Art but give the art a more pulpy sci-fi edge."

 Luckily for collectors, there will be three different versions of the print: Regular, Variant and Foil, so there should be plenty to go around for everyone.

Drop Details: These will all drop on Thursday, August 20th, at a random time between 1-2 EST on GMA's store page. They all measure 24x36 and are hand numbered. The regular is an edition of 250 and will cost $50. Both variants are editions of 150, but the paper will cost $70 and the foil will cost $100. To all those going for these, good luck!

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