Mondo Commemorates Batman Day in Style

[caption id="attachment_11753" align="aligncenter" width="462"]unnamed (2) Batman Begins[/caption]

Tomorrow, September 25th, Mondo will release two new prints to celebrate Batman Day. First up, we have a print for Batgirl by Silence TV, which continues the series he started for Mondo's 75th anniversary show.  Then we have first time Mondo artist Patrick Leger tackling Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

[caption id="attachment_11752" align="aligncenter" width="521"]unnamed (3) Batgirl[/caption]

While Mr. Leger's straight forward take on the caped crusader does little to evoke Batman Begins -- making it a tad disappointing as print for that specific film -- it is nonetheless a good general print for the batman character.

Going forward, Mr. Leger's artistic skills and comic sensibilities will be welcome in the Mondo fold. One look at his criteron cover for "The Gold Rush" and you can tell he will be great at depicting films in his own unique way.  As for Batman Begins, it's a nice first debut, with great colors and title treatment, and we look forward to seeing more work from Mr. Ledger in the future.

Drop Details: These will both go on sale tomorrow, September 25th, at a random time on Mondo's website. Both prints will cost $45 and come hand numbered. Batman Begins is an edition of 275 and measures 18x24. Batgirl is an edition of 175 and measures 23.622" x 14.567. To all those going for these, Good Luck!

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