Grey Matter Art to Drop New Print in VICES Series

Two month ago, GMA dropped an extremely well received print for Reefer Madness by Timothy Pittides. Now, they've turned that design into a series of prints labeled "VICES," which will focus on propaganda films from the 1930s and 40s.


Next week, the second entry in the series, Cocaine Fiends, will debut at at New York Comic Con. It's a perfect companion piece for Reefer Madness, and the orange color may even work a little bit better than the yellow from Reefer Madness.

Here is what Tim had to say about Cocaine Fiends:

"Reefer Madness" needs no introduction. The American propaganda film that follows the exploits of teens in the 30's being peer pressured into trying "The Devils Weed" aka Marijuana and what follows is lunacy, depravity and insanity all caused by marijuana addiction. Ridiculous and often hilarious, this film needed some more poster love. I decided to veer away from the propaganda type feel as well as the cartoon like approach. The film itself was INTENDED to be serious and to scare viewers into believing these awful events were caused by pot. So I decided to go that route, giving it a film noir feel with an art nouveau flare. A young woman, pressured into trying some marijuana and being tempted by the devil with a yellow rose. The inclusion of the flowers within the piece adds a bit of depth and symbolism as well. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy, while the white flower in her hair, represents her innocence and purity. By "taking" the devil's flower she is accepting him into her making her his to control. I truly hope you all enjoy this print and thank you to Jared and Mike at Grey Matter for embracing the idea and running with it."

Drop Details: Any remaining copies will go on sale Monday, October 12th at 1PM EST on GMA's website. It is an edition of 75, costs $35 and measures 18x24. To all those lucky enough to attend the convention, enjoy! Hopefully, everyone has a chance at these on the 12th.

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