Gabz Returns to Star Wars with Force Awakens

Several weeks before The Force Awakens opened in theaters, Gabz and Bottleneck Gallery dropped a print celebrating the original Star Wars trilogy. It was a huge success, and a nice precursor to the first new Star Wars film in a decade. Now, Gabz and Bottleneck are back with a brand new Star Wars piece -- this time, for Force Awakens. 

Regular Edition

Gabz has done something completely different this time around, and it's paid off in spades. The poster feels like an old Star Wars one sheet, and is probably the best Force Awakens art we've seen to date. While it may sound overly simplistic, the concept, artwork and layout simply feel like Star Wars. 

Variant Edition 

Drop Details: Both the regular and variant edition will be dropping Thursday, April 6, at 12 EST on Bottleneck's webstore. The variant has an edition of 250, while the regular will be a timed edition available for 72 hours. Both prints measure 24x36. 

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