GMA and Gabz Reteam for Prometheus 

This Wednesday, March 22nd, Grey Matter Art and Gabz will join forces again -- this time, tackling Prometheus.  Gabz and Grey Matter have a history of working extremely well together. Gabz has released some of his strongest work through GMA, and Prometheus is no exception.  

Regular Edition

Gabz is extremely well known for creating film posters with a spot on  rendering of character likeness. To capitalize on this talent, Gabz's compositions often involve rendering multiple characters from a particular film (e.g., Inception, Mulholland Drive, Star Wars). However, what Prometheus demonstrates is that Gabz does not need likeness rights to make a great film poster. 

Variant Edition

Prometheus succeeds because it upends expectations and relies upon an extremely strong concept/composition. There is a tremendous amount of imagery stuffed into the print, including a face hugger and Deacon, that tie perfectly into the themes of the film, such as the creation of life. For fans of Prometheus' major themes, this poster couldn't be more perfect.  

Drop Details: These go on sale Wednesday, March 22nd, at 1 PM EST on GMA's webstore. The regular has an edition of 225 and costs $45, while the variant has an edition of 150 and costs $60. Both prints measure 24x36. 

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