Grey Matter Art Enters the Alien Universe with Timothy Pittides

Tomorrow, May 19th, Grey Matter Art will release a brand new print for Aliens by Timothy Pittides. With Alien Covenant right around the corner, fans are sure to be on the lookout for this one. 

Here's what Tim had to say about the piece:
"I wanted to somehow express this in art form and at the same time, pay tribute to the man who's imagination sprung forth this nightmarish world... H.R. GIGER. While he may have not worked on this film specifically, his world was represented perfectly here and I hope he would have seen that. So this idea of seeing the hive for the first time, not knowing what was alive and what wasn't, really spoke to me. I knew the only way to convey my ideas on paper would be in charcoals and knowing what could be done with screenprinting these days, I began to pour the idea down. When finished, it became clear that this was right. This was ALIENS."

Drop Details: Aliens will be released tomorrow, May 19th, at 1 PM EST. It is an edition of 150, costs $45 and measures 24x36. 

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