Durieux Tackles a Henson Classic

Regular Edition

Tomorrow, May 18th, Mondo will release its first print under license from the Jim Henson Company: Labyrinth by Laurent Durieux.  Laurent had previously been privately commissioned to make a sketch for the film, and has now turned that sketch into an officially licensed screen printed poster for Mondo. 

Here's what Laurent had to say, via Birth Movies Death:
It took me so long to find the right concept for it, many months in fact. After having watched the film for the 4th or 5th time, searching for an idea, I realized there was something to be done with Sarah’s bedroom and all the stuff that was in it. I then realized that all the characters in the story were in fact appearing as stuffed toys in Sarah’s bedroom. So that’s the direction I went for!

Variant Edition

Drop Details: Both the regular and variant edition will be released May 18th at a random time on Mondo's webpage. The regular is an edition of 425 and costs $65, while the variant is an edition 225 and cost $85. Both prints measure 24x36. To all those going for these, good luck! 

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