Mondo Teams Up with Paolo Rivera

Regular Edition

In anticipation of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Mondo is teaming up with Eisner award winning artist Paolo Rivera to celebrate the film that started it all. The result is a fantastic pulp homage to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. 

Here's what Paolo had to say about his work:
"Way back in 2013, my Marvel editor, Steve Wacker, asked me to do a series of three covers for a team I had only heard about in passing. He sold me on the idea by letting me do a tribute (of sorts) to Wallace Wood, one of my favorite artists. I designed the faux logo, penciled and colored the covers, and my dad, Joe Rivera, inked them. But it wasn't until we saw the movie together that we became fans. When Mondo offered us the opportunity to continue the series with the movie versions, we jumped at the chance."

Variant Edition 

Drop Details: Both prints will be released tomorrow, May 5th, at a random time on Mondo's website. The regular has an edition of 375 and costs $55, while the variant has an edition of 225 and costs $75. Both prints measure 24x36. To all those going for these, good luck! 

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